A living and care home for Elderly from Turkey or any place of the world


Objectives :

The senior centre in Güzelçamlı provides a home for 64 people who are or not dependent on assistance

in daily life due to their age, illness and eventual disability. The ultimate goal, being one of our priorities, is to preserve a life style with a high quality standard of our residents and promote their well-being.


Our Residents :

Résidents spend their days in a family environment. They are all taken seriously and valued as an individual and thus feel confident and live comfortably. Their independent life, or with a need of support, our residents still have enough free space, which allows them to protect their sphere and private life. 


Our services :

Our services are geared to the needs and habits of our residents. The following services enrich the daily lives of residents in diverse and valuable way.

  • Diverse and nursing,
  • Full, healthy and seasonal meals,
  • Cafeteria as a meeting place for residents, family members, visitors and villagers,
  • With a place of prayer and personal interviews with church services,
  • Daily integrated activities,
  • Several varied care program, (hairdresser, beautician, sewing, cooking, games, etc.),
  • And a lot of other things but please contact us accordingly. 


Facilities / livability :

Living and feeling comfortable in a trustworthy environment ! The senior center Güzelçamlı offers to residents, a space for personal matters, they can customize as much as possible.

Through the situation / light configuration, warm and comfortable premises, our residents, parents and staff feel really good.


Our offer includes:

Single or twin rooms with furniture, A/C, TV, balcony and bathroom with shower and WC, some with sea view,

  • Common rooms, dining room, local interactivity, lobby, cafeteria, prayer room, outdoor pools, terraces, nursing rooms,
  • Beach on the Aegean sea, 80 meters away from our home,
  • Gardens and walking surrounding,
  • Complete organization and specific places for people with dementia,
  • Large roof terrace with full view of the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Kuṣadası.

 Assistance :

Our employees are characterized by personal responsibility and autonomy. They guarantee professionally support and care. Employees thus provide a holistic and relational care. They create in their work; “independently organize in their field of work”, a team-oriented atmosphere that is characterized by mutual respect and acceptance. Solidarity support, professional development

and personal maturity help employees to meet these requirements and it guarantees the best possible care and support to our residents. They all speak several languages to communicate with our guests.


Involved in the Community :

The senior center Güzelçamlı is well integrated in the community and is deliberately, a meeting place for young and old.

It has an important task in the expanding network of our residents. As a major employer, our home is a valuable contribution to regional labor and social policy of the region. The senior center Güzelçamlı looks as a model of collaborative work integrated in the region of the Aydin.